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DIRECTV Cinema Overnight Delivery

DIRECTV CINEMA Overnight Delivery

DIRECTV Cinema Overnight DeliveryWith DIRECTV CINEMA, satellite TV customers can experience the latest Hollywood movies with crystal clear picture. But with the new CINEMA OVERNIGHT DELIVERY, a service just for HD DVR customers, delivers the newest movies delivered to TV playlists the next day or sooner. You can add as many movies as you want, and you won't be charged for these Video On Demand movies until you want to start watching. Many Pay Per View services force you to watch the movie you order immediately, or to pay before you even begin watching, but DIRECTV CINEMA OVERNIGHT DELIVERY does not.

Beyond the latest New Releases, CINEMA OVERNIGHT DELIVERY from DIRECTV satellite TV has a number of categories of Movies On Demand, including: action-packed thrillers, kids & family favorites, gripping dramas, and laugh out loud comedies. You can even add future releases to your queue and they will be on your DVR to watch as soon as they're available!

Required Equipment

For DIRECTV CINEMA OVERNIGHT DELIVERY titles, an HR20 or later HD DVR is required. If you have a TiVo HD DVR you will not be able to access DIRECTV CINEMA OVERNIGHT DELIVERY titles. Additional $1.50 charge is added when ordered by phone utilizing the automatic ordering system, or additional $5 charge if an operator-assisted order. Standard rates apply when ordering by text. Movies expire 24-72 hours after you begin watching them.

DIRECTV Cinema Overnight DeliveryTo order Pay Per View programming with your remote control (to avoid the additional charge of phone orders), all DIRECTV receivers must be continually connected to the same landline. Limited PPV titles are available in 1080p; to view these programs, the following are required:

  • A DIRECTV Plus HD DVR Receiver (HR20 or later)
  • HDMI cable connecting the receiver and the television
  • A high-definition (HD) 1080p24 television

Get started with DIRECTV satellite TV today and take advantage of DIRECTV CINEMA OVERNIGHT DELIVERY!

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