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C31 RVU Clients will allow you to record longer than before.

C31 RVU Client

Introducing DIRECTV's smallest box ever, the Genie Approved C31 RVU client: Designed to be used with the HR34 Super DVR, this client box provides full DVR functionality in a box less than 5.5 inches wide. With the C31 RVU client you'll get DoublePlay, full fast-forward and rewind functionality, and the ability to use interactive features and schedule recordings via RVU.

Just What is RVU?

RVU is a standard being used by multiple companies to improve how electronics communicate with one another, used for TV, internet, and other functions. The HR34 box acts as the server, allowing the C31 to act as a client, making it possible to have a completely silent box smaller than a paperback book yet still armed with full DVR capabilities.

DIRECTV C31 Features

There are a number of features available with the DIRECTV C31 Client Box:

  • Record 5 HD shows at once with one central DVR, eliminating recording conflicts
  • Watch recorded programming on more than one client viewer at a time
  • Record, delete and watch from every client
  • Up to three clients can be used with a single receiver
  • Silent, fanless operation
  • Includes HDMI cable, IR Remote and client
  • The largest recording capacity in the industry, twice that of cable
    • 800 hours of SD storage
    • 200 hours of HD storage

H25 - HD Receiver Specifications


  • Model: C31
  • Brand: DIRECTV
  • Name: DIRECTV C31 RVU Client
  • Warranty: Limited 90 day - (See User's Guide)


  • Width: 5.5" (max.)
  • Height: 1" (max.)
  • Depth: 3.5" (max.)

Video Outputs

  • HDMI: 1

Audio Outputs

  • Digital Coax: 1


  • External Power Adapter
  • AA Batteries: 2


  • IR Capable
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