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DIRECTV Pay Per View

DIRECTV Pay Per View

With DIRECTV's Video On Demand and DIRECTV Pay Per View, you can order movies, TV shows, and other events on your TV screen, bringing a whole slew of entertainment options right at your fingertips. DIRECTV satellite TV allows you to order Pay Per View movies, sporting events, concerts and more. Popular DIRECTV Pay Per View choices include the latest new release Hollywood hits, boxing, wrestling and UFC events, and more. Many events and movies are available in HD with Dolby Digital Sound. Ordering DIRECTV Pay Per View is easy. Beyond the DIRECTV Everywhere mobile apps, there are three more easy ways to order:

  1. DIRECTV Pay Per ViewOrder with your remote:
    • Find the movie or event you want in the on-screen guide
    • Go to the channel the movie or event is playing on
    • Hit OK to place your order
    • Confirm your order and begin watching!
  2. Order online:
    • Navigate to the online program guide
    • Find the movie or event you want
    • Click on the order button
    • Sign in using your account number
    • Choose the date you want to watch
    • Choose your method of payment
    • Confirm your order and begin watching!
  3. Order by phone:
    • Call 1.800.531.5000
    • Use the touch-tone system to order or speak to a representative (additional charges may apply)

Features of DIRECTV Pay Per View

DIRECTV Pay Per ViewMovies and events are not the only reason to choose DIRECTV satellite TV Pay Per View. Many DIRECTV Pay Per View selections have available special features like the following:

  • All Day Ticket: you only need to pay once to watch your selection anytime during the broadcast day. You can even watch DIRECTV Pay Per View All Day Ticket choices more than once in that period!
  • Letterbox: Get the full picture with your Pay Per View movies!
  • Dolby Digital: Many Pay Per View movies are available with Dolby Digital surround sound if you have a compatible receiver.
  • High-Definition Pay Per View: HD Pay Per View movies and events are available to those with HD receivers
  • Spanish Audio: Press "SAP" or "ALT AUDIO" button on your remote to access Spanish language broadcasting at no extra charge!

Getting DIRECTV Pay Per View

Getting DIRECTV Pay Per View is easy. Choose any one of our CHOICE packages or the PREMIER programming package and DIRECTV Pay Per View is available to you.

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