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When you call the number below, expect to talk to a highly-trained, friendly customer service representative who can present you with the options available in your area. Speaking with a representative right away is the fastest way to get set up with DIRECTV!

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Are you ready to get started with DIRECTV service in Dodge City? If so, please call Mid America Satellite today, and we'll set you up with a professional installation of the satellite TV in Dodge City package you're looking for.

Mid America Satellite is a longtime DIRECTV retailer providing complete installation services and more. Contact us today either by calling 314-450-5154 or 1-800-398-6137 or by filling out the form above to receive a call from one of our friendly customer service representatives, or continue reading to learn more about DIRECTV and how it's right for you.

DIRECTV Order and Installation: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is DIRECTV Difficult to install?

A: When you order DIRECTV from Mid America Satellite, you'll receive free installation standard for up to four rooms in your home. Certified professional installers set up your system for you and can answer any questions you might have; the installation is set up at a time that's convenient for you. Call 314-450-5154 or 1-800-398-6137 to set up an installation today.

Q: How many channels will I get?

A: There are a number of programming packages available, from 100+ channels to more than two hundred channels including premium channels. DIRECTV has the most full-time HD channels of any provider, and is also the exclusive provider of NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

Q: Which receiver should I choose?

A: There are a number of options; you can choose which one is right for you. With a DIRECTV HD Receiver, you'll get high-quality high-definition viewing. A DIRECTV DVR receiver allows you to record your favorite shows, pause and rewind live television, and more. With the DIRECTV HD DVR receiver you get the best of both worlds.

Q: Do I need a DVR for each TV in my home?

A: No, you do not! With DIRECTV's Whole-Home DVR service, you can use one HD DVR for your home, and record on up to 15 TVs with HD receivers. This service allows you to start watching in one room, pause, and continue in another room as you like!

Q: What are the best features of DIRECTV? Why should I switch?

A: There are many reasons to switch to DIRECTV for your home. Here are five of the most prominent:

  1. You can watch your recorded television shows on your laptop, personal computer, tablet or smartphone with mobile apps from DIRECTV.
  2. SonicTap music provides a wide variety of music across all genres.
  3. DIRECTV CINEMA is included, giving you as many as 400 of the latest movie releases available, as well as 7,000 other shows and movies On Demand at the touch of a button.
  4. Use a mobile app DIRECTV DVR Scheduler to set your DVR to record from anywhere with your smartphone.
  5. DIRECTV comes with the exclusive AUDIENCE Network, giving you exclusive original series, concerts and more on a channel that's included at no extra charge with any package.

Contact Us for Answers to Your Other Questions

If you still have questions, one of our expert DIRECTV representatives will be happy to help you with answers. Call 314-450-5154 or 1-800-398-6137 today to speak to a satellite television expert; when you call, we'll be happy to work with you to find the right offer from America's #1 satellite TV service provider.

Residential DIRECTV Sales department for Kansas: 314-450-5154 or 1-800-398-6137

Commercial DIRECTV Sales department for Kansas: 314-446-1298 or 1-800-687-0917

Multi-Dwelling Sales department for Kansas: 314-450-5155 or 1-800-398-6152

Mid America Satellite General Customer Service: 314-446-1278 or 1-800-680-2184

DIRECTV Billing and General Customer Service: 1-800-531-5000