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Do More With HughesNet Satellite Internet

The newly available Gen4 satellite internet service is the fourth-generation high-speed internet satellite service from HughesNet. HughesNet Gen4 gives you more of what you need, featuring dramatically improved performance and support to do what you love online: social networking, streaming video, and listening to music. Here are just seven of the many benefits available from Gen4:

HughesNet - Reason 1

Increased Web Speeds

HughesNet Gen4 is faster than ever before, with speeds up to 15 Mbps#, as much as 15 times faster** than the previous Web speeds offered by HughesNet satellite internet, and infinitely faster than the first generation of Web service provided by dial-up.

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Greater Data Allowance Than Before

HughesNet Gen4 satellite internet provides data allowance of up to 40GB per month, letting you do more of everything you love to do online, ranging from shopping online and streaming music and movies to surfing the Web and beyond.

HughesNet - Reason 3

Cutting Edge Satellite Network

HughesNet Gen4 is build on the most advanced satellite network in the industry, using high-capacity satellites and on-the-ground equipment including the new EchoStar XVII satellite and Jupiter high-throughput technology.

HughesNet - Reason 4

New and Affordable Power Plans

A new range of Power service plans is available, offering a number of price points to fit any family's need; pick the plan that's right for you today!

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Top of the Line Service and Support

The HughesNet operations centers are staffed with highly trained representatives to provide professional and reliable customer support. No matter what time you call, you'll be speaking to someone in the United States, bringing you tech support that's based in the USA everytime!

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Professional Installation

All HughesNet installers are Gen4 certified, bringing you professional installation that will have you surfing the Web in no time.

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Hughes Innovation

Hughes has been innovating in the field of satellite technology for more than 30 years, inventing satellite internet service and having installed more than 2.5 million satellite systems in more than 100 countries; and they're only getting better at what they do each year. Take advantage of HughesNet Gen4 today.

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